We should explore them, try them, and then why not, cook them.

Sweet people with sweet taste. Actually I just want to share my two amazingly sweet recipe’s and two amazingly spicy or salty recipes with you. I am not a formal cook, I don’t like to cook like people do every day. But I have to do it as I am a house wife, I have to cook for my family, I live in Pakistan and Herr roti, rice, salan are things that people cook every day. I hate this, I mean common world has so many taste, we should explore them, try them, and then why not, cook them. Well therefore I said I am not a regular cook. I am rebilion in every thing, apposing every thing and saying WHY is my hobby. Well lots of discussion, you might wondering is this how I am going to tell my recipes. No, I am sorry, but you know I am a woman and talking is like in every women blood. Okay. Enough my recipes are pressure cooker cake, cake rusk , bruger and shawarma. Holy fuck is this really! Yes 🙁 , but don’t worry special thing is every thing telling you is tried and tested. Gosh great. Let’s get started.



For this beautiful cake you require following

see my previous link of cake .

Now your batter is ready. For making a pressure cooker into an oven you need any extra ring if steel or a steel bowl, salt and your baking tray. You can use a steel bowl of cake pan like.  First put salt, one cup of salt, put it in pressure cooker, don’t use this salt for regular use after bajing. Put ring in pressure cooker, and put it on fire with low medium heat, put lid on it, donot tight the lid, just cover pressure. In the mean grease the baking tray put batter in it. Tap in slab for few times so there would be no air bubble in it, now check your pressure cooker, it should hot. Now carefully place baking tray in pressure cooker. Lightly cover lid and put it on low flame for 45 minutes, after 30 minute check cake. When cake is done place on tray and sprinkle some icing sugar over it.

Now lets have some saltish, mean spicy juicy burger.


For this first make your favourite TIKKI, you can use aloo tikki, dal tikki, chicken tikki,  omelette, sliced tomato, cucumber, and lettuce leave. For burger sauce mix mayonnaise , ketchup and one crushed garlic, just mix this all together. Now grill bun and then arrange things as you like and enjoy.

Third one is cake rusk, i made them and they were so yummy i can’t get photo. But i have put a photo from internet.

cake rusk

Well what you have to do, cut the cake that i had tell you in pieces and put these pieces on the try in cool oven for 15 minute at 180 degree. That’s it, enjoy.





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