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All of these happen unconsciously by our brains

All of these happen unconsciously by our brains
3 Simple steps for Self improvement

Before writing on self-improvement I see the inner heart in myself. There are a lot of things that I adopt in my life. And my quality of life is improved. Some of them apply forcefully in myself. Some easily fixes in myself. And some of them incidentally comes in life in a second, minute or a day.

First of all I told you what the real meaning of self-improvement is. What you really need in self-improvement. So we will definitely say there are some values like. Daily routine. Relationship. In which we will see parent’s life partners children friend’s colleagues. Education. Health. And many others things that we need to improve in our selves. I read somewhere on internet. You can’t change the people. But you can told them to change yourself. It’s a whole story of Asian people.

Hectic Routine created by ourselves

You create intentionally a hectic routine because some of our things that we need to do we will avoid them. Because we say that thing give us tension and we found another activity to close our eyes on that thing that we need to do. All of these happen unconsciously by our brains and we adopt some of the hectic jobs or things. First of all take a deep rest and think about the things that you are avoiding write them on paper or in cell phone notes. Example one of your relative live another city and he/she give you an assignment of buying some jewelry. Because the best jewelry outlet only in your city where you are living. He/she give you this assignment 2 years before. From the last 2 years you don’t buy the jewelry and you don’t even talk with them. Actually when you talk them they told you they buy it. You need to apologize him/her. A little tension removes from your mind just in a phone call.

Sleep at late night. 

Biggest challenge for everyone how to kick this type of habit. First of all we need to follow the nature. God created day to do work and night makes for the sleep. We have so many reason to sleep at late night.  All of we have to create artificial excuses to sleep early. Like you will says I have to watch my favorite TV program or movie. You can watch it in morning or in evening. Media is so much advance now. Every video or movie uploaded within an hour on internet after releasing it.

Sleep well. Try to sleep early in the night and must take the sleep of 7-8 hours. It will recharge your body for next day hectic work. Little sleep means memory lost and blah blah blah things happening in your life and lots of health challenges you are facing.

Time management. 

In near some days I write the complete blog on time management. Here is just give you some hints of managing time. Let’s we need to reach office a 9’O clock sharp and the distance from home to office is 30 minutes. Usually we leave home for office at 8:30 O’clock. But you changed this habit. Stick yourself leave home at 8:20. In 30 minutes daily routine it’s a hectic drive. Traffic jam etc. When you leave home with additional 10 minutes. You really enjoy your journey and with very little signs of traffic and you reach office even 15 minutes early. These 15 minutes makes to relax. And long lasting effects for the whole day.

Some people are working on monthly wages and some or doing jobs on daily wages. I recommend both of you buy fresh food on daily basis from your local store which is only 2-3 streets way from your home. In every civil society people daily walk and exercise in the morning with the sibling and kids. On return you visit your local store and buy fresh grocery and home use items.

Note: Big shopping Mart have lots of challenges they are stealing our hard earn money with their stupid promotions with the things that we don’t need, Far away, and 50% budget spent on the things that we don’t need. Food quality is poor when the food is taking rest in the shelves from past 37 days and taking rest 29 days in our own fridge/kitchen at the end of the month.

Some points

While ironing your clothes watch your favorite program

While cooking talk with your kids and check what they do in school or college. While sitting on station or waiting for something. Make your monthly budget our shopping list.

Once in month give time to your home and check all the appliances working well or not.

While driving bypassed some main road. Try to drive in streets with the help of digital maps

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