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Depressed to Expressive

Occasions, festivals, parties or get together, at all such events I fell very depressed, sad and confused. What to gift?  This question make my mind bubbling, cracking and heavy.

One day I was watching a TV program, actors in it are very loud and expressive, whatever they feel, and they were spitting it out. (Don’t judge me I was just randomly watching TV) so out of such a program I got a great idea. Gift to express.

All the positive thoughts, behavior and gestures just put them all in your mind, while selecting the gift and express your love, kindness, care and concern for your loved ones.

Let’s start with mother. I love my mom so much. She is my mentor, my guider, my ideal. How can I express what I feel for her through my gifts? I want her to be pampered as she look after me in my new born phase, I want to feel her safe, as she was there whenever I need her in my child hood. I want to keep her warm as she warmly treats all of her children, so I think a beautiful, graceful, and decent shawl with some flowers are perfect gift for her.

 Now my best man, my dad. I think everyone thinks his dada as a perfect man on this entire land. He has done many things for us. He earned money by hard for us, he always tries fulfill your desires, wishes and demands. So to show my love and respect for him I will gift  expensive wrist watch , so whenever he look at it, he feel special and price less like watch.

Siblings are the greatest gift of families. Whatever you gift them it will create fun automatically. You can gift them simply what they like, what they desire, and what they wish or what you wish. Well I had gifted my sibling’s chocolates, cards, toffees, chips, jewelry, t-shirts, pens, school stuff, their favorite ice-creams and some shoes if they bother me.

Now for random hosts, I prefer to gift them some sweetness, it can be in form of chocolates, sweets, cake or cookies. But I want and expect that they love my gift.

For hubby, or loved one. I prefer a beautiful wallet. To remind him that we also want a gift. That was a serious kind of joke. But I will definitely gift wallet, with our picture in it.

For girls, our friends, cousins I will go with, perfumes, jewels, makeup, home spa set, hand clutches.

Now for babies and kids. I love toys, stuffed toys, building blocks, helicopters, doll house, pom pom dresses, shoes, hair pins, bands, sweet cute jewels, cartoonish toys and stuff, robots that they can make from parts and lots of other things

Now BFF. Best friends forever. I want to gift them our funny memories in form of pictures, videos, or written by hand. That’s all for today. Gotta go.

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