Due to heavy industrialize across the globe, we see the drinking water is getting dirty

water filter

Today I want to share with you, a really terrific matter of drinking water. Due to heavy industrialize across the globe, we see the drinking water is getting dirty. Many NGO and governmental institutions are working on this matter from many decades. The Major obstacle in it that we see the lack of awareness about the purifed drinking water.


Due to the industrialization of big cities the drinking water is getting dirty and bring with arsenic poison. We see Arsenic poison in drinking water all over the world and it’s not only found in 3rd world countries and it also found in the super powers water line like United States of America, England, China and many of the other countries rest of the world. The problem is lack of planning about industrial waste and if we see in some countries they have strict rules and regulations about the handling of industrial waste. But they are failed to implement on it or I will say they are not 100% succeed to stop it. See the link if want to know more about this growing poison.



The rich, income growth countries, their people have enough income to buy the purified drinking water. But in 3rd world countries people don’t have the money to buy the clean drinking water.

Here in Pakistan mostly unaware peoples just water in their hands if they see the clean water means it is clean no need to water filter.

water filter

water filter

First of all I salute to such organizations, government institutions and NGO who are working on the purified drinking water projects. I also appreciate those scientists who create such the great things like water purification devices called water filters.

The dilemma of third world countries is people are illiterate. I live in Pakistan. Here our major population is illiterate  and even the people who are educated and they completed they 16 years of education are still unaware the disadvantages of drinking dirty water and they are also unaware with the benefits of drinking purified water. And how the purified water is really essential for our body and mind. They don’t People tend to drink clean water. They trust on different water plant but don’t know about its working or they don’t bother to know about its state, whether in needs to change its filters or not. This all is because of lack of awareness about system of filtration and cleaning water.

I read somewhere the rain water and other waters get into the soil and due to gravity and earth natural process water go to down and down. When water cross the limit of 700 Feet it gets clean. So here government institutions boring for drinking water 700-1000 feet into the earth. But when water travels 3-4 km of pipeline and reaches to my home it get dirty. Reason wastewater pipeline means severage get together with it. So we get dirty water.

Here I just want to share some of my experience about drinking purified water. I read in my local newspaper about our metropolitan water system. Sometimes I see the rust in my water I ignored it. But one day I decided to do a little research on water filters and buy a good water filter for me. After the completion of my research I finalized the Domestic reverse osmosis water filter. I buy a Chinese made model that cost me 85$ with complete installation. The water taste is totally different to me and my family member love the taste. The good really good. After using it for the 1 one month I open it and wants to change it cartridges and I am freaking to see the condition of its cartridges.

When I buy it the sales person strictly advise me if you want it to work correctly then you need to replace it cartridges 1-3 months regularly. If you want to extend its life. I washed the filter pots correctly and fit it with the new one and I changed them regularly till 4 years. After passing the 3 years I feel the muscular problem like I feel in my hands the rubber (muscle) are weak. I have to apply more force on my hands to work. I again research on the internet and read a blog about W.H.O who says reverse osmosis is a water filter who really cleans the water and with it’s powerful membrane it clean it natural minerals like potassium, magnesium and fluoride also. On the start of this month I open my Reverse osmosis water filter to change the cartridges. But after the replacing it the RO never works again.

Because of heavy ratio of rust sand, my reverse osmosis get stuck. I talk with different technician of reverse osmosis but they are willing to sell a new one. So I decide to change it and I buy the Unilever intella that they claim in 500 million homes people are using it across the globe. It have 5 purification system to clean the water. Water taste good and odorless. I show you some pictures to see the dirt level in my tap water.

So people this is my story. I see many people travel on bikes and carry a big water tank to get the free purified water. My advice to those people “nothing is free in this world”.

In my next blog you will find a review about Unilever #Intel and singer #life straw filter.

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