Globally when I position myself I find a dangerous terrorist in me.

Globally when I position myself I find a dangerous terrorist in me.

Globally when I position myself I find a dangerous terrorist in me. As Americans and other so called peaceful nations label us so we automatically become the most unwanted population of masses. America and other such countries are the actual villains for peace of the world. They make terrorists spread terror provide them with any possible support and aid them in killing thousands of innocent people in middle east Afghanistan Pakistan and many such countries. It’s a very famous quote that power of people is stronger than people of power. It’s so true and is the only possible solution to every problem faced by any nation. people often rank Pakistan and developing countries nations as sleeping nation just because they are poor they are not that well educated they don’t have great industries or because they are not that sophisticated as other so called happy developed nations are. But actual fact remains there the sophisticated countries of world war second Alice or America or any western nation they are the one who are being blindly fooled. They are only living in some kind of temporary Paradise. They don’t understand that all the strength of their nation depends upon innocent blood shed of people. Just because you don’t have enemy you should not create them. We know everywhere in the world we see dilemma. What the policy makers of such nations think by devastating the map of earth and by destroying countries by shedding innocent blood will they ever get enough of what the hell they truly want?

Will they ever stop this? Will they ever get the meaning of life and peace?

The truth is as flawless as always, the general people of America should not vote such bloody rulers they should think of others. But most of all the people of suffering countries should choose their rulers wisely and with courage. Human nature remains universal we have to bring peace back to our planet we have to do something for a safe land where our children can play where not only a kid from America is satisfied and happy and safe but also a kid from Palestine and Syria is enjoying the same lifestyle . Money can’t buy happiness who said money can. People of poor countries at least can live happily and safely if America will ever stop hunting down the humans. When we check the wild life management of America it’s so cool and good they don’t allow over hunting but what the thing they are doing in the world is just same as over hunting of people. Why are people being killed like rabbits?

Have America conquered any country? Do they have got control over any country like literally no they are betraying the trust of their people, wasting time money and energy on spreading hatred making disputes causing problems. That is the wise policy of America… If people of America don’t change I believe they will make a perfect hell for themselves in this world and after this world. France has witnessed how it feels like to have lost innocent people’s lives. But the fire in jungle just spreads. We know it well. . I wanna say that in end we have to be Humans we all are responsible for terrorism. Terrorists are nothing if you don’t fear them. We can’t bring peace by war and war we can bring peace by peace… We should stop terrorize ourselves by listening to news. We should provide ourselves with all happiness we think the world deserves we are our universe… Kindness is free. Give kindness to everyone and if you don’t have kindness please buy it… From any market of love… But first of all don’t start useless wars just because you were born in that country or that nation or that home or that family… We are not what the world says. You should not represent anything or anyone you should radiate yourself out. What you are actually… This blog was meant to be terrorized by the topic of wars but seriously stop talking about wars… Stop talking just go help others don’t waste your life in just analyzing the only problem with people is that they think Google will do. No not this is not right Google can’t buy books for son of a poor farmer.

Behave humans…..

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1 Comment

  1. PercyOLeaird

    March 8, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Excellent blog you possess got here.. It’s
    hard to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I actually appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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