How to make a blog with a shoestring level.


How to make a blog with a shoestring level and how to maintain it in less than an hour and get daily 100 unique visitor from day First

Yes you read correct. I write get daily 100 unique visitor on you website from day First.

Thanks for the technology who makes our life easier. Many people wants to set up their blogs but they don’t have the time to maintain it or promote it. And they don’t have money to ask people to write blogs or to pay 3rd parties to promote their blogs. Here is my best guidelines that you ever read. Even you can only spend 30 minutes for your blogs.

Size of blog post  2000-3000 words.

First of all everybody has a smartphone, you can write your blog post on your smartphone. Even I have Nokia Lumia I write my blogs on word whether I have internet connection or not. I saved them on my phone. I generally write 2000-3000 word posts.


Simply when you are free, means sitting in office or traveling in bus/train write a blog of any topic that comes up in your mind or you have plenty of knowledge about that post or maybe you have some your own views about any topic. If you are sick and taking rest in home. Write your blog post about your sickness experience and maybe about medicine that affects on your body and how you recover from your sickness. If you cook some different type of food. Then definitely write own it.


Nobody knows you. Human have problem they are anxious to know what is happening in their society. And human are anxious about to learn news from their surroundings. It’s a reason that news born in our global village. News don’t tell in detail review of any topic. But blogs are in detail about anything. Wikipedia helps across the people to understand everything on our planet and outside our planet. And it covers all the major languages that are spoken and readable in this world.


Spend only 1 hour daily to maintain your blog and earning. Things that you need to do


If you really wants organic visitor on your website/blog you must be SEO, optimize your website/blog. Many people don’t know about the SEO. SEO is a fuel. Like if you have a car but without fuel. It’s like a fuel of your website for driving. You don’t need to do any course about SEO you just add extension of SEO Yoast in your wordpress theme ever best in your blog. When you are posting your blog read it carefully. SEO Yoast tells you what you need to do and what not to do. Submit your website in Google and Bing search engine. And makes your blog SEO friendly.

Keyword Planner 

Open google adword and find out the searches keyword that mostly hits in google in number. Like my blog post have name “how to make a blog with a shoestring level”. I search in keyword planner, “blog post” , where I amazed to see the key phrase “how to make a blog” have monthly 90,000 searches. I use the same key phrase and added my own “with a shoestring level”. You will definitely get good results from google search.


Facebook is a really good platform to engage people on your product or your services. You make a Facebook page. Where you post regularly your blog post moreover share your experience your food your travel for something whatever you have doing in your life. You can also post famous quotes related to your Facebook page. In the beginning you have less fans on Facebook page. But with the passage of time they increases. Actually what you are posting. Everything knows his/her writing style is unique in the world. But in this world there are hundreds of thousands of people, who like your unique writing style. So post regularly on Facebook page and engage people into it.


People underestimate the value of google plus. Google plus brings from visitor to your website instead of Facebook. Many people leaves Facebook because they are fed up with it. The major benefit of sharing your blog on google plus is gives you steady and constant visitor to your blog. The blog you share on google plus get into google organic search within 2 hours. It happens with me. Another great feature. Every body searches in google and 99.99% of people are (Sign in) into their google account. If he/she searches on food related stuff and you have publish a blog related to it. The google searches shows in your circle also have a blog related to food. It’s another great thing from grabbing visitor from google plus and many people don’t know about this feature.


As compared to other social website twitter drives less traffic on your blog. If you have 600-700 followers you only get minimum 10 visit daily. In twitter you follow the people and people follow you. Twitter is activity which required a lot of patience but remember one thing don’t fed up. Twitter work smoothly and steadily like google plus. Suppose you follow 2000 people. After a month you see only 233 people follow you. In a month you only get 7-8 visitor on your website from twitter daily. But after 6 months your followers 1733 and you get monthly 210 visitor on your blog. And this thing is increasing time by time. Bottom line about twitter patience, just wait and watch.


I really don’t know well about Pinterest. I just sign up Pinterest with the help of my Facebook account. And make a board with my blog name. I don’t know how to advertise on Pinterest. I just put my blog link and pin it to board. That’s it. I don’t waste the time finding the popular pins related to my blog and follow those pins. If you have time do this activity. Without doing all of this activity you can get 175-200 visitor in a month. My reason of sharing my blogs on Pinterest because it’s user across 100 million. That’s my solid reason. Later when I have time I follow popular pins and do proper activity on Pinterest. Meanwhile just pinning. Making my blog foot impression everywhere.


Reddit still works very well. Reddit is a social platform where millions of people are sitting and waiting to click on something new. But before posting on reddit you have a plenty of guideline on posting on reddit. You can also read their policy of sharing your own links. If you succeed on posting reddit. You can get minimum 100 quality unique visitor on your website or maybe you can get 790,000 blog views over a night.

Yahoo Answer 

I’m Hungry about traffic and when publishing blog post. Find relevant question on Yahoo answers and put your blog first paragraph in it and post your blog link. So we are not cheating the system. If a person read the answers and reach your answer and he/she found something interesting in your paragraph that you post he/she visit your website for reading complete answer that he/she find in the form of your blog post.


I read a blog in which a lady who is doing a traditional job. But she have more than 700,000 followers on Instagram. He post on Instagram regularly. And she told to her followers I wear this specific brand shoes and specific brand clothing. And she is getting money from the specific brands and the money is more than amount of that she is getting from her traditional job. So keep in your mind about Instagram. Built a network of followers. With the passage of time you can also get good results from Instagram.


You laugh on me. Don’t mind. The best thing ever we have and also free service. You publish your blog on your website and share its link to WhatsApp and viber whatever you like both of them or any of them. Everybody 200-300 minimum contacts in what’s app and viber. When you are sick and post a blog about your sickness. Share it with everyone on what’s app and viber. From your circle your family and friends wants to hear about you. They read your blog post. And definitely everyone read it. So you get 150-180 views on your blog from day first.


Key of success. I’m not very well in English literate. Because my mother language is not English. But I know you understand what I am saying with you. I write this blog after reading more than 2000 blogs of people on internet and implement on my own blog. And it is the filter blog of 2000 blogs. I think you understand what I am saying with you. Remember one thing in your life if you stop posting, traffic stop on your website. Slow and steady win the race. Brother post daily only 300 word post but daily. In a year you will find 365 days if you want to succeed you have to put 365 blogs on your website. People says one week break because our readers find where we are. Where we go. They are finding us. Total bull shit. Here is 200 million websites. Your readers go to another blog. So keep maintain your post. Final words post daily.


Why it is important? Because when you are posting it tells you which of your blog get popularity so you can write blog according to your reader interest. It also tells you age and gender of your readers. So you better know about it. It also tells you about your website visitor that comes from social websites. So you can work on it. The social website whom give you less traffic you can work on them. The social website that drives more traffic on your website you have to maintain them. After 30-40 days you see daily visits on your website. Graph up and down up and down. Some of your blogs goes up. You see the dates in analytics and track that blog of specific date and keep writing on specific topic that brings you huge traffic.

How to make your blog post insane / viral. 

Everybody thinks about a blog post that is insane and he/she get millions of views of their blog post. Many write blogs not for making money but after a stage of life people wants to become celebrity or they just need famous. So keep in mind if you want exceptional blog post you need to write rare type of blog post. That is new or news for the people and viral blog post is stand on luck. If you post 365 in a year. I guarantee you 1 of your post gives you more than 10,000 views. 10 your post give you 3000 plus views. And every post you have given you 100 plus views.

Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a website who tell the global trend of website. Means the website most popular in the world. He gives him ranking 1. So accordingly he changes the ranking of websites. So when you publish your blog then setup your Alexa account and see your blog ranking in Alexa. The more you get traffic the more Alexa down your rank. To get successful in blogging your blog must sustain the level minimum 500,000 in Alexa. Where we can say you are making money out of your blog.

If you are planning your blog and it’s under construction then what you need to do.

If you are planning to make your own blog then you need to maintain some of these really good things that helps you when you publish your blog.

Make a folder in computer or in smartphone

I think smartphone is the best option because we carry it all the day. If you get a topic in your mind open the folder and create a new word document (writing platform) and create a new file with the name of the topic and closed it. If you are free time write the blog post that you publish later. After some days you have plenty of topics to write on them. Because if you don’t do this type of exercise and you are sitting on desk and thinking what I write? What am I write? At that moment you get nothing. So if you already do this type of exercise you just open the folder and find plenty of your own blog topics and you suddenly picks one of them and write your blog post on it. Later when you are free on holidays open all of your files and one by one check your blog files and correct the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. One thing I forget to tell you when you are writing put it fast. Means don’t waste your time in spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. If you get these types of things while writing you can’t write. Make a flow writing just put blah blah, whatever comes up in your mind write it. Later repair it. Means correct it. Actually in past I’m a pipefitter.

Before Blog posting Do some Facebook

Make a page on Facebook that is your future page of your website. Add people in it. Invite them post videos jokes quotes in it on daily basis. Engage people on it. You have plenty of fans after 2-3 months. So when you publish your first blog post you easy to stabilize it in it.

 My own thoughts

I have 80 wpm speed of typing. But this dirty life don’t give us time to write post for my friends.


You don’t need to do anything else with your blogs site. If you do something else with your blog it is plus point. Means if you do all of the above mention things and your rating 88% and if you do more things as I mention above then your rating is 93%. But remember do all of these things that I mentioned above. Never ever miss any of these things.

Realistic Approach

Estimate views of your blog in a year calculation nearly realistic approach. I mention here minimum values of visitors. If you do all the above mention things your figure is higher than my estimate viewers.   This Calculation is based on 365 blogs published in a year every blog consists of 600-700 words. All the blogs covered all the major topics

Let’s do some math 

Name  Unique Visitors Daily   Unique Visitors Monthly   Unique Visitor Yearly 
Google Organic Traffic  18 540 6480
Facebook  11 330 3960
Twitter  7 210 2520
Google plus  25 750 9000
Reddit  273 8190 2989350
Pinterest  6 175 2100
Tumblr  1 13 270
Instagram  37 1110 405150
Yahoo Answers  100 2770 33240
Total  3452070

Now simply 3452070/1000=3452$USD

Now reduce it to 3 times and you will stand at 1000 USD in a year. I mention minimum value. Jump in making blogs and enjoy. The making of blogs and earning 1000 USD for US citizens is really low amount. In third world countries here 1000 USD it is whole year income of a person. It is reality. And for the 3rd world countries people, this blog is a gift. Gift of blog writing which leads their home taken money double only in a single year. Now blog writing is a investing which is long lasting and forever. First year you only earn 1000 USD while spending only 50-100 USD in making blog. Every business needs time. Money doesn’t matter at all in it. In 2nd year 3rd year may be you are making 700 USD per day. Best of luck.

Bottom line 

Google have a lot of factors to judge the quality of your content. They development in google algorithm developed day by day and they continuously updating their algorithms. The key of success write an article which contains more than 2000 words. The article is on any topic related to our world or outside our world. Example if you search in google regarding fridge repairing. You found the first page post are related to fridge repairing in which you found step by step complete guideline how to open the fridge and how to diagnose the problem how to use the meter and where to use the meter. And after finding the problem how to fix the problem. But when you see on 2 or 3 page of google search you find the article who says find an electrician in your area you can contact with him. Or they publish list of electricians in the whole U.S. or maybe they say give us the old fridge and some buck and take the new packed fridge you just need to call us. Our vehicle came to your door and give you a new fridge. So you get the idea what the searcher wants to search and what people wants to show them. Google is really genius it reads your complete blog and if your blog fits in searcher search query and google definitely shows it on its first page. So keep in mind write article who have step by step guide about anything. Maybe it is cooking. Using the smart phone or repairing the smartphone.

What you think about the Trends 

If you want to do get hype quickly then you must have to look into the current trends in famous countries of the world. On writing current trends make hype to your blogs minimum 3x. I already published an article on the current trends in this world. So you don’t need to waste the time in searching the trends. Just click on the below mention link to know about the trends.

Top 30 Countries Top 10 Google Trends

Time Duration of Success. 

This all of my blog required a lot of time courage, and patience. It’s a race of turtle and rabbit. You must be turtle in it. Slow and steady win the race. I read thousands of books and blogs of famous people and celebrities. To get a passive income out of your blog required a lot patience and hard work. To beat it with your traditional job required minimum 5 years and maximum 8 years. Some people do it only in 2 years. I will say it’s their luck.

Tip: If you read this blog completely and you want to make your own blog. You might be thinking whether these all suggestions are affected or not. The answer is YES all these suggestions are affectable. Therefore that is why you are reading this blog



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