Ignored Masses

Poverty broadly and generally means the condition or quality of being poor

Pakistan is facing many problems today but if we look at past and now, one problem is always there “THE POVERTY”

First we should know what is the main there should upon crossing which a country is ranked among those who are poor.

Poverty line is the threshold that separates poor from richer or non-poor.

The economic condition of a country actually define the threshold of that country’s poverty line.

Pakistan’s economic condition is dramatically facing. Worse condition. Every day we see our finance minister giving such statements that Pakistan economic condition is now stabilizing. But okay if we believe in his lies than why our country is going low in poverty ranks? Actually Pakistan’s government and politics only depicts the elite class and for states quo Pakistan was never poor and that’s why they give such statements. But actually the ground realities are reey blunt than these disloyal can ever thought. Now, the cause of poverty is no other than the very masses. Yes we ignored masses are the only reason for our miserable condition.

People don’t want to change. They just want a change in their life style thanks to the former Pakistani captain whether you support him or not. You should give him the credit for he is the very reason of present awareness of figures among the youth. But still people don’t know they can do wonders. Mostly the very poor people are unaware of their rights and hence underestimate their value and position in the society. At the end I will state just some of the major causes of poverty.

  1. Vulnerability of households
  2. Environmental issues.
  3. Disasters
  4. War of terror
  5. Lack of governance
  6. Feudalism
  7. Inequality of money exchange

And the very big and actually the only reason is

“Poor don’t know they can be rich and rich don’t care they can be poor”

Note:  The article is under the concept of country’s poverty not just a person’s poverty.

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