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Definitely, not practically but apparently to some extent emotionally we all claim to love our beloved homeland Pakistan. But the thing is what we are doing for pakistan a country for freedom of which many people give their lives, and whatever now we all consider valuable like land, property, wealth and respect.

What was the thing actually which motivated those people to leave behind each thing worthy and sacrifice even their lives for this country?

Today, we all want to make money and money and nothing else-many people declare themselves patriotic by saying, “All we do, we do for Pakistan”. “I want to become doctor, engineer, or whatsoever to serve my nation.”

But don’t we know, even the man who cleans our roads is serving our nation better than we can ever do. Because when one become a doctor the only thing they do, obviously an expensive clinic, whatever, the actual thing I want to say it, it’s okay and well fine that we love Pakistan but we don’t love fellow Pakistanis. This is the reality actually, love among the people is very necessary. We all wants to do for our country but separately, if we vow to do great works for Pakistan together we can become the strongest nation… yes Together is the solution of every problem. Leaving behind all differences class, race, status, province, political differences, creed, color and even religion. Religion is never a barrier really but we humans complicate it. Every religion taught the followers to be the good humans and love each other. Like Rumi said “Love is in every Religion, yet love has no religion.”

So, the last words believe what you are, your abilities, behave yourself try to at least not disturb your fellows. Be as harmless as a delicate flower and as useful as a bee. Never underestimate your value, your country.

And above all you are not born to just have good grades, study well, job and then money.

Marriage and then grave you are born for something much more important. Try find your destiny and in this all never leave behind your country. Your values and traditions.




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