“Mama I am going… Lilly is waiting for me at the park” Edie shouted while rushing out from the house…

From car to paradise… A road murder

“Mama I am going… Lilly is waiting for me at the park” Edie shouted while rushing out from the house…

“Take care sweetie” his mother was watching him leaving the front gate through kitchen window

‘He is just 4 years old I should not let him go alone… but I could not and would not be always here for him and he is growing he must know how to  take care of himself… “She thought while baking cake. It was Edie’s birthday today…

He ran outside, Lilly was waiting there. She was Edie’s best friend

‘Happy birthday boy happy birthday … am I invited to the party? Oh definitely yeah I love cakes Edie “Lilly was always like this…

“I love cakes too but not that father gets from his bakery I love what mama bakes, lets play with the football where is it?’

‘o its on the road Edie, I was bouncing it and..’

‘Come on let’s grab it and play ‘ Edie was in a serious mood to play. He went on the middle of the road while picking up the ball he heard horn it was like it’s really near and the sound was progressing, he suddenly felt weird and when he finally took up the ball he was stroked by current of air so strongly he fell backwards and fainted …

Holy Jesus… I should not have let him go alone.. Oh thank god you are okay now? How are you feeling?’

Mother said.. Edie opened his eyes ‘ I am feeling fine mama.. What happened?”

Well that evening everyone from neighbor came to visit Edie and wished him.. There were more presents and prayers

Who was the driver? Was he really good at driving? What was he thinking while driving? He would have killed the poor kid? All of them said same things

Vickie pact is a tailor now he sews clothing’s for the circus characters… he had lived a difficult and painful life.. To cure his depression he was taking medicine from a quack lately.. His skin color and features turned ugly.. People used to laugh at him.. He was so depressed and he joined the local circus club for money. his duty there was only to sit, while a play , the characters on the stage calls him stupid and makes fun of him and the people gets entertained and they often through things on him that things could be money, juices, wines, and worst empty bottles and even worse those looks!

He has made good friends in the circus club. One of them was planning to sell his car. Vick had been taking drive classes from him.. Today jack, his friend, said ‘ I guess you are ready to drive, big boy let’s take this risk.. Take the keys and drive.. But don’t go too far just here on the roads of society’


‘Well I am afraid, but let’s do this’

He took the keys..

It’s fun to drive I have been through much I wish I could regain control on my life too I wish I could burn all my fears and be that boy I was at the age 4 carefree strong and fast …

Boy oh boy his thoughts shattered suddenly there was a small boy on the middle of the road picking up something from the ground he could not see the thing.. Hormones rushed in his spine all of a sudden once again just like his life he lost the control over brakes of the car..

“God  … hell. Move kid “he shouted at the edge of his voice

Vickie did his best to stop the car… the kid fell backwards the car did not touched his body.. But he was faint.. people gathered and confronted him boy’s mother said him things that Vick could not hear he was again into the holy depressive anxiety attacks he could not hear a single sound he was sitting in his seat he could not take his eyes off the road still… still./    anything?.. No …still… he started the car and took turn he was now not in his senses he was above 40 and was obese and had a stroke before.. He felt intense pain in his left arm and head .. He did not know where to go just taking random cuts while driving.. Once again there was a car in his way the driver of that car definitely a good one knew how to take great turns he shouted’ are you freaking kidding on the road’ his voice diminished. Vicki was now in a street at the end of it was a truck he was feeling so weak and wound up and shattered and painful but he was not feeling anything also… the car stroke the truck his head hit the steering with a loud bang.. He was now unconscious he laid there for one hour.. A guy passing by saw and took him to the hospital.. His dead body was now in the cold store




It was listed as cause of death in the certificate..

But we know what the cost is? That boy, Edie is alive… playing but Vicki lost his only chance to live..

Drive safely but also cross safely … you don’t know where you will be in a second…

Note; above story is impressed by some pages of FIVE PEOPLE YOU WILL MEET IN HEAVEN…

But its presented in a different way.. Read and enjoy!




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