Pakistan’s economy is declining continuously.

traffic problems

Pakistan’s economy is declining continuously. Although the present government of our country claims that they have worked specifically for economy but these claims are one of those classic popular political lies.


Personally I don’t support any political party and I am also not that involved in such activity. But I do care about my country and I see how people are going through same problems from decades.

One day an old man advice me. Little guy if your borrower give you 1 dollar out of million dollar. You just relax he must be return back you remaining amount 999999 soon. If he never pay back you 1 dollar. Then you just forget your money.

politician’s of Pakistan earn votes on the basis of big lies that they often cry out in their same pathetic speeches. They are not interested to solve the basic problems because they don’t have to they get what They want. But we as a poor nation are suffering from following problems’..

Unavailability of pure water

The basic necessity of life , pure water is not available.I have been listening that government announced to add pure water projects in pipeline or up coming projects. My question is “I have to drink water right now ,today 5-10 times , Why should I have to wait it for a decade?”. It’s simple government is even not able to deliver this. So how can I expect mega structure or big projects from them??.

Road and infrastructure

I am a citizen of Lahore and I belong from sales profession. I often have to visit different localities . Where I see the real Pakistan. The roads are broken and damaged, Only five minutes of rainfall makes them look like some river. Many problems are faced by people like they get stuck in some unseen hole on the road , accidents are very common due to flooding there is lack of drainage system. Now lets turn over attention to those roads which are always on construction i have seen that one road at johar town was constructed for 3 times ,at Allama iqbal town only one road was constructed for 17 times in one year… I also have visited raiwind its where sharif family the rulers’ live and the road way to raiwand is marvellously created its perfect and wide and it’s really like a good road should be . What really want to say is that they don’t treat us even like humans its like we are insects. We pay taxes to make 17 times road in a year in Allama Iqbal town or for that road which leads to their homes. The road of my locality Shalimar was build 2 decades’ back now its damaged and broken and posses holes. But these government officials have different priorities..

Air pollution

We never breathe the fresh air. We breathe toxic fumes #smog of 2 stroke vehicles. We breathe dust huge dust particles’. We breathe toxic fumes of factories. There is not a single active department of environment conservation. The whole city’s garbage is dumped at one place and at that place my town is located yes its a residential area . Nearly there are 3 millions bikes in our city. Their burning fuel cause pollution and people have to buy that cheap fuel because of poverty they can’t afford environment friendly chemicals. Lorry and other commercial vehicle and even police vans  pollute environment with their exhaust.



It is also a really main issue of our city. Shopkeepers and barbers usually encroach it means they illegally use the roadside or footpath for setting up stalls’etc.

Many poor people have small carts and they are selling fruits vegetables and some cooked stuff like biryani. And it is the caused of traffic jammed. Many shopkeepers covered some road and they rented out government place to other people.In almost every main markets (bazar) we see full of encroachment and caused of massive traffic jammed all the day.


Traffic Jammed

Here in my city everyone I see on road are in hurry and in serious emergency condition all the time. People hate to stop on the red signal of traffic. They prefer to break the law and way to their destination. in green signal the people who have to go. They reduce their vehicle speed because law breaker can cause them of a serious accident. People use on way because they hate to make a 0.6 miles of U-Turn.  the traffic police officials do their best to resolve this issue but people don’t bother. People feel proud to break the law. If there is an ambulance then we see 20-30 bikes on the behind of it. Because ambulance have to go and these bikes take advantage of save their time. Some of them are really cruel the come in front of ambulance because ambulance have to go and they get instant access to across the signal on a massive traffic jammed.

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