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Restricted I really hate that world Restricted places, books, things so on this word is not for our security purpose but to stop our thirst of exploration.

Our curiosity and the thirst of knowing things are been stopped by the barriers of restriction boards. A few days ago, an amazing historical place but it also have many locks and restriction boards in it. I don’t understand the purpose of that kind of restriction. Why the authorities always tries to stop for exploring curious things. These restrictions destroys the beauty of a fort like, I tell before in Shahi Fort Lahore, Pakistan. The place which looks interesting and attractive as well always have these restriction boards.

Restrictions, limitations, barriers that all should be banned at least from the visiting places let the people free and give the freedom to think, see and experience by their own self the different ways and places and then decide where to go and how to go. What things are good for them and what are not stop imposing and start making people independent in their own self decisions. It’s my strong believe that if all the barriers and restrictions removed and people have freedom to experience things, that will make a better environment. Because in that environment no one is imposing on you, but you knows by yourself that what is right and what is wrong for you and if we apply this suggestions in a healthy way our society will become better.

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