The Dilemma of youth

In this i will randomly give my thoughts about dilemma of youth.starting with YOU ARE A KID! DON’T GET IN OUR TALKS. Of Course many of young mates are damn familiar with this lines. but the fact is that being young in a society, in which people deal the teenagers like this is definitely a dilemma.the second is when one goes to school learns many things from there and then enters in college. Obviously, there are always types of students who sits in the first row and the smartest on last benchers. But generally the perceptions one make about the world outside these fences like studies, friends, presentations and competitions, each and every thing that me thought about the real practical life is worse and ugly than me could ever even imagine.

Than comes the job issues. The very reason why you are not getting job you think you deserve  is the dilemma between you and the society. Like our parents would say, you would the value of every thing when you get in the practical lines. so when we actually get inside we learn those things that were kept literally away from our brains. More than a normal students.

So basically there are man things that make our youth, or because of these things our youth is going in to dilemma. A child who is treated as alone, and like a person whom no one wants brings anger in it, he feels nobody needs me, and for such a number of facts such children goes into great  depressions. The ignored may attempt thing that are totally dangerous, so be careful with your youth and upcoming teens, best of  luck!

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