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The monster of our real world.

The monster of our real world.

The monster of our real world.

World as whole very problem. These problems are like monster, like poverty, hunger, terror, deaths. Besides all these problems, there is a certain hidden world working throughout the world. We can’t see this world so of. But someone from your relatives going somewhere. Disappeared suddenly or get in hands of death. This hidden world disclose itself. This world and its people think differently from all of us. Yes, they are very dangerous, dreadful, and horrible. They eat humans. They cut them, and this all shows if these people come in front they will destroy the whole world with terror, even thinking about them make them ill, government can’t do against them, they can’t work, they can’t stand in front of them. There is a belt, somewhere and may be at many places, full of bones, skull, and parts of human body. This all, these hidden people, don’t know what they are actually. These are monster of our real word.

There are some other monster that are working in our land, on ground, in water and even in air, airplanes get disappeared, as a mystery. Last year 2 airplanes vanished from air, water, as magic as horrifying magic. Whole world was tracing them, but can’t find any sign of them. There are no sign of them, people who are in these very planes. Where they cast away. No body no knows may be after some time they will be back, this is the only hope, and their relatives are hopping through which they are living.

There are many people who are missing who kidnapped themselves, they become a mystery then, where they want, where they go, why they go, what happen to them who is responsible????

These question and many more, and no one to answer them. These monster are terrifying our world, our minds. What is the thing that same as from them. The only thing is stay close to your creator, believe in. do good and have good. Pray to HIM that your loved one’s stays in front of your eyes, pray that you can see their joys, happiness, and death also, burying them in grounds safely with your own hands, pray for a normal death.

Yes this is very important, pray for everyone who is around you. This is the only way, which can protect our world, and bring peace to our land.

A good connection with hone and its creator, belief in creator, and asking help from it, that he shows right path to all of us.

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