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They are just living together from 45 years and understand each other.

Marriage is an ultimately beautiful thing, that one should experience in his/her life. Marriage is beautiful if you know how to make it strong. It is a concept that is now extent in many societies. In west, marriages are not so successful. Once my relative meet an old couple in America. Their ages were nearly about 70+. My relative ask them that you are married. They answered no, they are just living together from 45 years and understand each other. But they did not find each other as a good marriage material for each other. What I am thinking in my opinion. Marriage is not name of perfect match, perfect life, and perfect partner. Marriage is agreement that one does with his partner. In my opinion, marriage, and its purpose is to make a family. Raise your children to their sets. Educate them well. Taught them every good things that you have learned in your life experience. Make them a good person and definitely a good human being, and good worshiper of God.

Girl and boy. Share their life, goods, bad, sorrow’s happiness together with each other like friends. Friendship is code of success for marriage. If you are friend of your partner, everything is good. Be a good friend of your partner, share your experience with her/his. Share your bad time with them, make them feel special, and of course they are special as they are bearing with you. (Laughing)

Love them a lot. Love is not thing that today people think and do.

When a husband ask his wife give me food for dinner and she say’s no, by intervention to make him little tease this is love for her. As her husband gets little angry and says hungry. The reason why he said he knows her wife love him a lot that she cannot let him sleep hungry and now she will come to him and give well with her hands. That is love.

When you angry with your friend, your lover, and you trust him a lot and he trusted on you a lot. That you both know each other so well. That you know he/she will be those for you.

Whatever the circumstances, environment, and situation would be. If you feel this for each other, your marriage is successful, beautiful, and joyful and your home is home. A heaven home.

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