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They has a great danger from kids that is why nature take its kid back.

Our earth is a beautiful planet. It has best environment for life as compared with other planet in our solar system. It has ozone layer that protects us from harsh sunlight, and provides us oxygen. Our planet has mountains that keep balance of earth and provide us different things like trees, fruits and also the rain cycle. Our earth has rivers meadows, green valleys, flowers bed, beautiful deserts, hills, and mountain.

When I think all this I feel so good to be a human being living on this planet. But from last three days I was so disturbed, thinking, why we are living. What we have made, what we have done with our earth?

Nature has not divided earth in countries, it doesn’t make any rule. Nature give oxygen to everyone. Without any restriction, our visa requirements, it provides rain on every one. It gives sunlight to every people. Whether he is from any religion. Nature is so kind, so humble. Yet very powerful. We can’t compete with its power. But nature is humble. It doesn’t afraid from poor and innocent people. But our so called powerful countries, who just provide an authentication to people yes we are your government is more afraid. Yes superpowers afraid. They has a great danger from kids that is why nature take its kid back. We can’t protect our mankind.

We as humans can’t protect them. First world created something dangerous and then when it start working. Start killings, looted, playing with mankind. Whole world is silent. They didn’t think about them, not me, because I have no idea what was going there. There is no news. But when an innocent child give his life. He drowned in water, lying at seashore.

“Like he was saying. No this is not earth where I can live, these people doesn’t want me more to live the country feels danger from my life”.

Now after his death and many more, world is trying to open its eyes.

Now they are trying to be humans. Now they are thinking as humans for humanity. Be human for be human beings. That’s all I can’t write more. If I do, my heart will breakup.

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