You put chicken in 2 sections and rice in 3 sections for layer of biryani.

Biryani is an Indo-Pak common recipe. It has many types and it can be made many different ways. What I am telling you is a simple chicken biryani that I make in my home. Well my family members and my guest like it very much.

I hope you will also find it interesting, and after making and tasting it, you will find it great recipe.

There are two main things that you must kept in your mind, while making any sort of rice or biryani with chicken i.e…

  1. Rice should be of best quality, and you must soak, rice in water for almost half an hour before cooking them.
  2. For chicken, it should be tender and cooked very well, that taste of biryani should be felt inside the chicken piece.

Now let’s start biryani.

Things that you need.

Chicken 1 kg, clean and 12 pieces
Rice 3glass or 3 ½ cups soaked in water
Oil 1 cup
Onion 6 medium size finally chopped
Tomato 5-6 large size finally chopped
Garlic 1 full piece.
Ginger 2 inch piece make the paste mixed with garlic
Yogurt 1 cup
Salt As per your taste
Red chili 1 Table spoon
Cumin Seed ( White Zeera) 1 Table spoon
Coriander Powder 1 table spoon
Biryani Masala 1 table spoon
Food color (yellow) 1 table spoon

Chopped green chilies, 2 sliced, lemon, 1 sliced, coriander,

In this ginger and garlic are used in form of paste. So first make paste of them, onion and tomato are chopped soak rice in as you starting the biryani.

First fry your chicken in oil for until it start getting brown at this stage add onion and fry both until they get brown and onion should be tender, brown in color. Now add ginger, garlic paste and fry for some 2 minute. All this frying in going on medium heat, now add tomato and fry more for 10 minutes.

You can use little water splash if you fell that your masala is sticking with walls and base of cooking pot. Now add yogurt and all the chicken and fry indigents at this stage, start frying it at medium heat, do not burn anything. Use water splashes if you fell it is necessary. This is the main step of Biryani, take care of chicken, don’t break it, and cook this all for 5-10minute, carefully. Normally, for salt we put 1 table spoon for 1 cup. So you must add. 2 ½ table spoon in it.

Mix food color in ½ cup water. In another pot. Put 8 cups of water and 1 table spoon of salt and boil it, when water starts boiling and soaked rice in it, and boil them until they are near to tender like if you eat them, you feel just 2 seconds more and they will cook completely. Now take off water from rice and put rice in filter so water, completely out of the rice. Other hand you are done 5-10 minute of cooking now stop. Take the some pot in which you boil the rice. It should be very deep and big size. Now first put layer of rice than chicken masala. Then put some green chili lemon, coriander leaves, and food color. Repeat it, again and then put rice on top chili, lemon coriander, food color and put it on low flame for 5-7 minute.

Note:    you put chicken in 2 sections and rice in 3 sections for layer of biryani.

Take out in dish and enjoy.

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